Xeon E3 1230 V3 VS I5 4670K

So i'm going to game and render alot. What is the best? Also would the Xeon be compatible with my MSI Z87M Gaming motherboard? (Socket 1150)

for gaming, either are excellent choices...

for rendering, the Xeon will destroy the i5...

yes, the Xeon is compatible with the Z87 chipset, however, it can't be overclocked, so it's kind of a waste of money to buy that board, as a decent H87/B85 chipset will be plenty to run a Xeon off of... the mobo you have a is a better fit for the unlocked i5...

If you're going with the Xeon, I'd try to exchange the board for a cheaper model if you don't have to pay shipping (otherwise there's nothing wrong with it, and you may be paying the same amount to exchange for a cheaper product)

1 more thing, try to sum up your posts into 1 thread... and try not to repost already asked questions... thanks :)

Thanks for the advice. I was building a pc for my friend :D And i wont repost again.

if you do both alot on a daily base, i would say grab the Xeon. or an FX8350.

 I'm using the Xeon right now in my mITX Gaming/Editing build and it is simply fantastic. Runs games like a pro and editing and rendering is very fast. Way faster than my old 3570k I had and about the same maybe a tiny bit faster than my 8350. 

It will work on any LGA 1150 board. Just remember it can't really be OCed and it has no iGPU so you'll need a graphics card but I figure you have one lol


Thanks man. I have a GTX 770 so no worries.