XClio Case Review

Click the video twice to open it on youtube and check the info bar for more information.

Promised this for a few guys looking into investing in a new case and I hope this helps.


i wanted to get the WINDTUNNEL from newegg (good price for a full tower)

but seeing how newegg takes forever for canadian orders (maybe i just got bad luck)

probably gonna settle for the NZXT guardian 921 or the CM 690 because NCIX doesn't carry XCLIO cases..

690 is beast, but verry heavy

Sonata wrote 3 minutes ago ยป

690 is beast, but verry heavy

must raise the shipping charges quite a bit eh?

I'm actually gonna buy this case.

Good to hear my videos are getting along.

Thanks guys XD

Love the case Xezmer, I would prefer the A380 from them.

I have the Xclio A380, and if I had to do it over again I would not buy it. The 250mm side fan gets in the way of using any cpu heatsinks that use a 120mm fan, unless you remove it you have to use a smaller heatsink. It is also too high up on the side window so it only blows air on the top GPU and not the bottom one. The front 250mm fan is blocked by so much metal/plastic that much of the air it pushes gets diverted down instead of into the case. Really wish I had gone with the antec 1200 or coolermaster HAF instead.

nice vid, i might do a review on the next pc case i get for the i7 build later this year


ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!

Kind of an ugly case imo.

When you are pointing to certain spots you should use a pencil or something similar, not your fingers. (learned this from my teacher :D)