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Xbox Series X "Proprietary" SSD just uses a standard form factor card slot!

That’s why I said they can fail, but it’s also not like every console failed, it was still a comparatively small quantity compared to the units sold total. Obviously you just hear about failing units because noone’s going on the internet and posting pictures of their working unit. Also IIRC they were replaced pretty quickly even, which they didn’t even have to do.

IDK, I just have a bad per-concieved notion about the QVO series. QVO with 1TB of flash and 750GB usable, and 250GB over-provisioned using custom firmware I would feel more comfortable about.

TBH more important then the choice of stock-SSD would be if they are replacable. The PS4 and XBO had very differing views about that and even depended on the exact model you got which is pretty annoying.
I think the PS3 had generally replaceable HDDs and the X360 as well although it had this proprietary housing, while the internal was just SATA.

Yeah, I use a 860 EVO 250GB on my PS3. Even though PS3 is SATA 1, it improved random access.

Even Intel’s EDSFF would have been better…

If only U.2 existed…

Woah woah woah, I’ve never heard of this. Can you give me some sources so I can do some reading on this? Don’t want to accidentally blow up my switch with my new “third party” charger. . .

It’s part of the whole mess that is Type-C the holy grail of a mess of a standard.

The switch isnt fully compliant, cables arent fully compliant, chargers arent fully compliant. That said ive never heard of a switch blowing up thats an exaggeration.

Use a well known brand of cable and charger and dont under pay and you’re pretty much good.


I still miss the days of how reliable and simple micro USB was…

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Not the connector tho. My Xbone Controller wore out like 3 USB cables over time that I can’t use anymore cause they don’t stick properly anymore :frowning: Got a magnetic cable now to reduce wear on the plug but I’ll need to see how long it lasts.


I did hear of them “dying”* but never looked into it deeply as I don’t own a switch. My brother does though and will not use anything other than Nintendo first party as a result.

Looking into it further: *turns out this was miscommunication they were bricked, which is the same end result but it was not entirely the charging that did it. It is something to do with the way charging and video output worked when both running at the same time. So technically Switches were broken due to dodgy chargers but whether this is due to how Nintendo implemented the features, USB “standard” being anything but, or Nyko doing something dodgy I don’t know, but nyko were brought to court over it if anyone wants to look into how that went.

This however is way off topic now.

Back on topic, if the past is to be followed as an example, the PS5 will likely have a regular hard drive (like the ps3 and 4 using regular sata laptop drives) and the Xbox one will be reverse engineered, official version made look very expensive and irrelevant, system patchs will brake third party storage support and there will be law suits all over the place just like with the 360’s hard drive.


From what I understand, the PS5 is using a custom flash setup with custom controller. The add on SSDs (> ~5.5Gb/s) will need to be faster than the built in SSD (~5Gb/s) in order to be usable but will be COTs.


They’ve only had updates about once a year for a while now.