Xbox one-brand new sealed

selling a brand new xbox one for 350, reply if youre interested and well see where things go.


heres the photo

yes i know its a crappy photo.

I think you found the loophole in the BST rules. 

EDIT: Nevermind.

  • The BST forum is not for advertising your eBay or Craigslist postings

well how else am i supposed to sell to willing buyers? no one wants to buy online any other way, you get assurance with ebay that you get the product or your money back.


I understand that, and having assurance is great, but it's against the forum rules. I didn't write them, I was just informing you.

It will be better to just sell it locally through Craigslist, might take some time since the consensus of most consumers is "PS4 is better in every way" but should not take too long. 

If you want to sell it here

use the [WTS]  in the title and post pictures of the Xbone with your physical evidence of your username in the picture (write your name on a piece of paper do not add your username with a photo editing program)

the thing is in a box ready to ship, its also sealed, i dont want to take it out as it would a make me do more work and b decrease its value.

well technically im not, im just saying if your interested me contact me and i might during that exchange give you the link to the ebay listing.

Fair enough. Good luck selling it! Hope the mods agree with you!

Another good step would be to tell us how much you're asking.

are you the guy that picked up the second xbone from walmart?


Post photos according to the BST rules, please. 24 hour warning.


lol yes i am.


Just get a piece of paper with your username and the date on it and put it next to the box.

Please read the BST rules. 

i cant, its in a box ready to ship. i have posted how ever a photo of my username where i put the box when i took that picture.

No one is asking you to take it out of the box, simply post a picture of the box seal with your teksyndicate user name and the date on the paper.

350, id be willing to go down a bit, its brand new and xbox ones have gone up to 400 so i think thats fair. its in the description by the way.