XBOX Emulation

Does anyone know of a reliable XBOX(original) emulator for Windows? Moreover, does anyone know of a method to rip original XBOX game discs to a .iso? (Pirates are evil!)

You can use Isobuster to rip the image. Just look up a tutorial for that. Emulator wise. I don't know, but I am kind of interested in the answer.

There are very few emulators for the original xbox. Mainly due to the lack of demand for it, and the availabilty of the systems. You can go to gamestop and buy a used xbox for $40.

As for emulators, Xeon is one that supports only one game being Halo.

CxBx only converts xbox executables to windows executables.

DxBx might be the only one worth trying out.

  Disclaimer: Be aware that even if you own the system / original games, it is still illegal for you to play the game any other way ;)

Could I get some proof of your disclaimer? I've always heard otherwise.

It's generally a legal grey area.

I'm a little active in the homebrew/emulation scene, and Xbox emulators are generally nonexistant and nonfunctional.

Sorry champ, but you're probably out of luck here. I'd say look and see if the games you want to play are  available on another platform which is easier emulated, personally I see it as if you bought one copy of the game, you're entitled to another copy of it at any time regardless of the platform you bought it for.

mainly because its just a stripped down version of windows 95 with DX9, you can get xboxs at a pawn shop and mod it, it is considerably easier to mod one than to try and find a working xbox emulator

I don't know about xbox but on ps2 it is not illegal to emulate games you own as long as you rip the bios yourself the only copyright is on the bios and games.

Psx2 also released a new version that has better multithreaded options so it uses up to 4 threads