Xbox 360 & PS3 emulators for pc?

Hi guys thought this would be an interesting one

I recently bought myself a gaming pc and im currently in the process of ditching my xbox 360, but i have all my games on my 360 and i would still like to make use of them

Ive looked around on the web a bit and there seems to be emulators, some fake of course, but some do work a friend got one of each console working but they updated and due to being in New Zealand its kinda hard to do that.

Just wondering what you guys think on this and if anyone knows any good ones that work



These are the only two I'm aware of that are actually in development and have regular updates made to them.

Cheers, they require a survey type thing to get the bios dont they?

Cause this is where things are difficult for me because of me being outside the US

thanks for the links though will definitely try out

You may want to stay away from those sites. I found a post on emulator-zone saying that after going through the files it's most likely melware.


emulator-zone= word of god, only place i get any of my emulation software

yeah ive been looking round and alotta people are saying that, pays to do research first

which is why this is also up here


Welcome to the lightside sadistic, it is a shame that console game makers exclude themselves from the pc market given it is about the same size as all the other consoles combined. However I guess that is what happeneds when they get paid by microsoft and sony to make games. Ironic that microsoft excludes games like HALO from windows.