Xbox 360 gamerscore!


And.... what?


Man you guys are hardcore! Keep it up.

Lol i have a friend with 50k

Same, my friend just recently got 50k.

And sarcasm Pamplemouse?

i have like 1'670 dont play much!



14,000 ish
i dont sell my games so i just come back and try to get achievements later.

i quit playing my xbox ever since i built my new computer.

hmm 5000 maybe?


Had 30,000 then saw the 360 was a shit heap so I started playuing my PS3 and PC.

This man deserves a medal.
You should write a book about it.. "From hell and out of it"

I have 0 points.

0, as this is the most points you should ever have for the Xbox 360.



PC>360>PlayStation3 Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â (doesn't playstation sound kiddish? Â play....station...hmm?..does to me.) Â -coming from a guy that grew up with his playstion 1

I don't know why everyone hates either xbox 360 or PS3 (Well not everyone). I think if theres fun games on them then why the hell would you be complaining about.