Xbone vs PS4 vs PC

I may be wrong here, but I want to see what other people think. My logic is that Per function PCs are cheaper than next gen consoles, I will break it down here to illistrate.

(Over 7 years)

(Hardware + Online + PC Function)

PS4 $399 + $349 + N/A = $748                                                                                                                                           Xbox One $499 + $420 + N/A = $920                                                                                                                          Gaming PC $800 - 1000 + 0 + 0 = $800 - 1000                                                                                                         

So if we add on PC function 

PS4 $399 + $349 + $400 - 600 = $1148 - 1348                                                                                                                                        Xbox One $499 + $420 + $400 - 600 = $1320 - 1520                                                                                                                          Gaming PC $800 - 1000 + 0 + 0 = $800 - 1000

That even gives you $348 - 520 depending on the console for a mid cycle upgrades if you want to completely match price.


So my question is, am I thinking through this correctly or am I missing something

(please note this does not include the price of games or accessories)   


My logic here: you need a decent PC anyway if you live in 21st century. You can as well add $200-250 for a gaming video card which is less than a price of a console. And you often get games way cheaper on Steam.

Everyone has different needs, wants and expectations. Consoles are well priced and suitable for people who do not know how to use a PC. The typically easier plug and play apparatus is invaluable to these "peasants" :P

But, if you approach it with logic, these consoles are not necessarily worth the money. Not as a long term investment, since they do lack multi-functionality. Allow for some subjective view on the matter, consoles give most people what they desire.

My friends are clear about it: PS4 has orgasmic graphics, and pc looks like crap. Also they say xbox one sucks.
Then they start to talk about how pretty it is. And then i mention resolution. They had no idea what it was, and go all like ''we need no of your pc crap!'' .  By there logic:

-The bigger the screen the better the graphics... 

-How can PC be faster? Macs are better anyway

-You use android? I hate mine, i wish i had an Iphone (They are still using crappy 2.1 android phones)


Yeah is pretty hard to life with... I convinced some of my friends to buy a 400 euro gaming pc. And boy they love it.

Its anoying the hell out of me sometimes xD

I am dislectic, dont even think about it... p-p

Yeah, you just have to let them be happy with what they believe will make them happiest.

Even if they're idiots lol.

I stopped after: Wtf is resolution!? (an other friend) Thats how pretty a game is! (friend one again) Aaah, yeah ps3 has more resolution then