Xbone Controller Uses Two AA Batteries

Well it looks like Microsoft have announced the best feature of the Xbone, forget stalking your every move and sending your metadata to the NSA, they give you free AA batteries to power your controller...!

Want a recharagble battery pack? Sure, that'll be an extra $25.

Logan and Wendell called it, this is surely looking more and more likely to be the year/decade that PC gaming takes off, Microsoft are still living in the past.





Are you surprised? They did that with the 360 too 

Why not just bundle a wired controller with a cheapest edition? I personally consider wires to be a lesser evil compared to batteries. 

What we need is electromagnetic induction chairs. Sit down and charge all your devices! Probably start growing a second head but then you'll be able to have twice the fun!

A little, I mean come on, every PS3 controller has inbuilt rechargeable batteries, surely Microsoft should've at least included a wireless battery pack or an inbuilt one similar to the PS3's controllers.

This would've been a good idea if they were intent on cutting costs.

Wired controllers probably even have a marignally better response rate and a more pronounced feedback from vibration/rumble.

Make sure you wear your tin foil hat when you're on that chair!

Microsoft's business model for the Xbox consoles has always been to squeeze as much money out of you as possible. Sony's guilty of this as well over the years with the various Playstation consoles and variations that have been released. When they went from the original "Fat" PS2 to the "Slim" PS2 they got rid of the HDD and network adapter expansion all together making it impossible to play online PS2 games also the hardware for the slim PS2 doesn't play PSX games all that well.

considering the 360 battery packs didn't live that long before refusing to take a charge i don't see it as a bad thing

You guys know that the controller turns into a wired one when you use the extra long usb cord? it also will most likely work on pc for those who like a good controller without the RF receiver. because all the information is goes through the wire when plugged in not just power like the 360 controller.

Well I don't care about the the xbox one or ps4 anyway. I think they are ripoffs because you can get a gaming pc double the price of a ps4 and quadrouble the performance. I can't wait till I save enough money for my first build.

And dont forget it chargers in 4 hours or less WOW!!!

Technically all the new controllers are wired/wireless. when you plug in the wire on the new controller it turns off the radio and runs the data through the cable.

They're not dubbed M$FT for no reason. ;-)

They did that because developers weren't using that hardware and it made for a simple cost cutting measure. I think there were like 3 things that used it and only two were games.

That's what gets me. Of all the systems I've used, the charging system on my XBox is the worst design. FIrstly, I Have to take out the battery pack or I Will find the controller dead within the week. That tells me that there's a not-so low level drain going on. I can leave my PS3 and Wii (-U) controllers alone for a week with no significant drain.

And then there's the actual charging. I have to have the system ON, plug the connector to my controller, then to the system, and only Then will the charging light come on. If I turn my system off it disables it. Atleast with my other devices I can charge off of just about Any actively powered USB connection.




Now you're just getting nasty.   :-p

BTW, what did you Think you were linking in the first one?

To be honest no idea never actually needed to buy an SD card but that's what I was trying to compare the price to.

They're both big corporate companies, that only really wants all your money. No one is surprised.

Say if I couldn't be bothered to wait for my parts to arrive for my PC gaymen build or be bothered around with the troubleshooting, I'd end up with the console but not the Xbob One (yep, misspelted it on purpose to reflect on one of the 90s fail by the same corporate who's behind this console).