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X570 Phantom Gaming Itx - Displayport input

I am using a 3400G with this motherboard and my SFF case doesn’t allow for a dedicated GPU.

I was under the impression my motherboard had a faulty DisplayPort on my motherboard so I was going to have it replaced by NewEgg. My last resort before sending it in I look at the io shield to see if there may be anything wrong and that’s when I spot the “DP In”. I checked the website and to my surprise the HDMI works fine while the DisplayPort is “Graphics Input”.

My questions are this -

  1. Why would motherboards have a Graphics input rather than output? Especially for the DisplayPort?

  2. AsRock specifies this for the DisplayPort “To use a Type-C monitor, connect your graphics card to this DisplayPort 1.4 Input port with a DisplayPort cable.” - Can I not use a Type-C monitor otherwise? And wouldn’t this be unclean to have a cable coming out of my PC just to plug into DisplayPort?

The DisplayPort input goes into the Intel Thunderbolt controller and out the Type-C port. There is very likely no internal routing for the Type-C port to use DisplayPort from the 3400G.

You could try the Type-C port to DisplayPort if you want to experiment, but I highly doubt ASRock has routed the DP out of the 3400G to the Type-C port.