X470 Taichi Ultimate Bios Issues on Ryzen 3000 & Possible Alternatives

Google is really not helping with this question, since most people only care about whether the motherboard boots with their cpu. I’ve joined these forums to probe for possibly very technical help on an issue I’ve been having with my motherboard.

With every boot I am required to turn the onboard ethernet controller (only exposed as the Intel controller despite there also being one from AQUANTIA and onboard wireless) off and then on again. If this is not done, my system will boot both no internet capability whatsoever. This has wrecked my network configuration twice now, resulting in some issue regarding dns resolution that I’ve fixed once, forgot how, and now remedy by connecting the wifi module. I’ve read previously that this is specifically an issue with linux.

I’m wondering if this can be solved by possibly just downgrading the bios, as I am currently on the latest 4.70 version. As I am using a 3700X, I cannot downgrade any lower than 4.10. If that fails, I’d like to know if there are any x470 motherboards that have not gotten their bios mutilated by updates to support ryzen 3000 or 5000. I switched over from an MSI x470 Gaming Plus to this board because it had it’s own problems (being unable to run 4 ram sticks or overclock the ram which was then forced to run below spec). Buying a second board that turned out to be crippled (for my use-case any way) to support ryzen 3000+ has left me exhausted and looking for guidance.

If all else fails I might actually have to shell out for an x570 board with proper multi-gpu support. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

We need more context here. What spec’s does your system have, what’s your use case, which of the 547,239 million Linux versions do you use (ok, maybe not that many, but not a whole lot less :stuck_out_tongue: )

Earlier this year I bought a Ryzen 1700 (non-X) for 100 euro (130-150 USD) from Aliexpress. I’d suggest using one of those to test your BIOS downgrades. This is the store I bought it from: link.

Ryzen 3700X on an x470 Taichi Ultimate… running Ubuntu 20.04.3 (just previously 20.04.2) on 5.12.15-051215-generic (just previously 5.12.12) I’ve also ran as low as 5.4.0-80-lowlatency, all to the same issue. I’ve just downgraded to bios version 4.10, could not overclock my memory manually or with XMP to 3600mhz; then flashed to 4.20 and had the same issues. I’m currently sitting on 4.20 with memory clocked at 3200mhz and the same ethernet issue that i just rebooted to remedy. The memory is GSKILL Ripjaws 3600 16GBx2 and rated for 3600 cl18-22-22-42 at 1.35v which could not be done on any of the bios versions except the latest 4.70 I believe.

My use-case is that I want a system that works fine on linux with proper x8x8 multi gpu support, and preferably two onboard ethernet ports with one being at least 2.5gbps. It doesn’t really seem like I can do anything about the ethernet issue…

I run a Taichi X470 with 4.70 BIOS Ryzen 5950X and Manjaro.

The Intel wireless/bluetooth card start, then stop, under NetworkManager for no apparent reason.

I found that if I go into BIOS/UEFI at boot and disable ethernet port the system will boot and wifi runs as expected.

No idea if this is BIOS, motherboard, or a Manjaro flaw.

@pcwolf @ezmani Have you tried booting your computers into Windows 10. If your problem goes away when running Windows 10, then you will know for sure there isn’t anything wrong with your motherboard. Instead, the problem lies somewhere else. I have linked a PC Mag Article that contains instructions on setting up Windows 10 on a USB drive.
Run Windows 10 From a USB Drive

Yes, sir. I have a separate Win 10 boot partition. It operates in all respects normally under Windows. I suspect the “rolling” Manjaro distribution messes with NetworkManager on a regular basis. As near as I am able to ascertain, the Intel 3168NGW card is not powering down under Linux. It uses the iwlwifi driver. “inxi -N” will still see the network card when NetworkManager stops seeing it.

Well, @pcwolf, I don’t have any more suggestions for you. I don’t know anything about Manjaro. @ezmani, if he is still using Ubuntu 20.4, he might look into manually setting up his ethernet card. I wish I could be of more help, but I don’t have a computer and can’t access my notes until my replacement computer comes tomorrow. I had a similar problem to @ezmani but I can’t access my notes.

Since I’ve previously read that it’s a Linux issue and @pcwolf is having the same issue on an x470 Taichi non-ultimate with Windows unaffected, I presume with some confidence that it might actually just be a Linux issue. I’ll wait for your notes to see if they can help me.

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While i’m not sure what I can add would exactly grep your question, it may be couple datapoints of interest that I hope don’t simply add mud to water.

For my X470 Taichi on Debian 11 (on testing for a few months) I’ve not found it exhibiting issues like this with networking, though I’m not touching wifi (it’s a FS, and VM host), I might find this implies anything else going on might be higher up the stack. I don’t like to reboot, but dmidecode says bios 4.60. (for disclosure; with a 10GbE PCIE card, but daily ssh is always through the onboard 1G).

Secondly, I have found not wholly dissimilar issues on a X570 Taichi, on Ubuntu 20.04 with 10GbE NIC - though in that case it always falls back to the 1G onboard (and network manager can’t see the 10G). This could easily be wholly unrelated networking jank, intermittently occurring after waking from sleep (that’s another topic) but inelegant hammering of the relevant kernel module puts it back.

sudo rmmod mlx4_ib mlx4_en
sudo rmmod mlx4_core

sudo modprobe mlx4_core

If you can modify steps that suit the X470 taichi ultimate and cause the nic/s you want to online, (i’m certain it’s not this module for aquantia (lspci -k – e1000e for intel)) - you could add it into a startup script, and see if it stays running.

@ezmani l have some terrible news. My replacement computer was supposed to arrive yesterday has been delayed until Friday so that I won’t be able to access my notes or the bookmarks for the websites I used to solve my problem until Saturday.

Instead of waiting until Saturday to help, I will work from memory on what I did to solve my issue.

I had a computer based on an Asrock Taichi X570 and AMD Ryzen 3750 (no longer in-service due to an electrical short which fried all its components). I had an Intel 350 ethernet card plug into a PCI slot. The Asrock X570 Taichi’s BIOS would recognize the Intel add-on card, but Ubuntu 20.4 would try and assign an IP address to the four ethernet ports, but it would fail to do so. What I did to fix the issue was to set IP addresses manually by using the Command Line, not Network Manager’s GUI. Since Ubuntu 20.4 changes how you manually assign IP addresses, I did a google search on how to give IP addresses manually to Ubuntu 20.4.

Hi, @ezmani. Did you ever get your issue fixed? I have reread your first post, and I don’t think my notes will help. However, the issue I had isn’t the same problem you have as I originally thought, so I can’t suggest a fix.

There is a recent beta bios you could try. It is at the bottom of the bios page for the board. I believe it is L4.75.

I’ve made sure to turn the ethernet controller off then on every time I have rebooted. I assume it’s still an issue, but I don’t want to risk testing it… I’d be content if I could just fix whatever is up with my network configuration, so I don’t have to turn my wifi on to use the internet.

I never had to go into my x570 taichi BIOS and mess with ethernet option settings. All I did was assign an IP address to my Intell ethernet card. I set the IP addresses by using the method that was changed when Ubuntu 19.04 dropped. So I don’t understand what is going on with your X470 Taichi Ultimate. The only advice I can give is to find Linux drivers for the ethernet cards or wait until the Linux kernel has the correct driver by default. If you want to try what I did (I don’t think it will help), I have linked websites I found to solve my trouble.

How To Configure Netplan Network? – LAB Examples
Netplan reference

Setting up a bond and a bridge in Netplan on Ubuntu Server 20.04

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