X399m Taichi stuck at code 00

I have an x399m Taichi motherboard, paired with a 2950x Threadripper. I’ve been running the computer fine for just over 2 years, but I was upgrading it with some new components I got for Christmas, and now it won’t post.

When I start it up, it shows code 00 on the motherboard’s display. It will stay that way for a while, then reboot itself. This repeats indefinitely.

The manual for the mother board says that this is an issue with the CPU itself.

So far I have tried:

Reseating the CPU.
Unplugging everything that’s non-essential from the motherboard.
Checking the connections on all the power cables to the motherboard.
Removing the ram.

I’ve attempted to reflash the BIOS using the motherboard’s CPU-less “flashback” option, but every time I try, it blinks the LEDs in the patttern that means it hasn’t worked.

My guess is that the motherboard is dead, most likely an issue with the CPU socket.

The only things I can think to try are:

Using a different power supply (the mother board powers on, so I doubt it’s this).
Reseating the CPU a couple more times.

Is there anything else I should try before buying a new motherboard?

Remove the CPU, remove all the RAM, except one Stick in the first slot (most of the Times the Second slot on the right, from the CPU socket. RTFM) and Pull PSU Power and CMOS Battery. Get urself a coffee and come back after 5 Minutes or so. Put back CMOS Battery and hook up PSU. Insert known working graphics Card and turn it on. It will most likley Cycle a Few times, as Memory is being trained. Do NOT Disrupt this Process. It can take 3 or 4 Cycles. Check back if it Worked.

If not: Pull CPU, clean the underside with Isopropyl Alc and spray the Socket with Compressed air, just to be sure. Insert CPU, Check again.

If not Working: Remove CPU completely, Follow Instructions for BIOS Flashback in your Manual. Check if the USB has FAT32 as a Filesystem, as its the most likley to work and check if the USB needs a specific Folder Structure. Flash Back the Bios, insert CPU and Test again.

If that doesnt work:
Check w/ another CPU if Possible, or RMA the Board.

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