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X299 monster workstation\gamer build log

In advance i would like to say im sorry for my English, it`s not my native language by any stretch!

Ive been looking thru the used market for some time, to find parts that could compliment my 9980XE main rig, and it seems ive struck gold on some parts after beeing patience!

This rig`s specs is:
CPU: i9 7940X
Mobo: ASUS Rampage X299
Ram: 64Gb G-skill Trident Z RGB 3200 mhz
GPU: 2 x EVGA 1080ti
OS Storage: Crucial 1tb NVME
Bulk Storage: 3 x Seagate Ironwolf 8tb drives
PSU: FSP 1200watt platinum
Case: LianLi 011 AIR

CPU installed in mobo, before delidding

Delidded 7940X waiting for its copper IHS

Delidded CPU installed in Mobo

Them pretty 1080ti`s with EK blocks on them

updates coming as the build progress :slight_smile:

Have a awesome day - Kla3


I am digging this people building trend :slight_smile:


haha, thanks for that :slight_smile:

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Cool setup. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

Small update

been doing some testing with the rig today, and i had to mount the aircoolers back, due to a leaky gasket on the waterblocks, sent them off for RMA now (F)

But ive decided to do the loop with brasstubing, just to make it kinda steampunky!

And the CPU seems like a good sample, since i got 4900mhz stable on all cores(@ 1.437vcore) with 64 gb of 4200mhz ram, did a cinebench run just for fun!



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Thank you for the kind words!

The rig is done now, went to the shop and got the waterblocks traded in, so i will post pics of this brass tubed fully watercooled beast later tonigh

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She is all done now! nevermind the RGB going crazy, havent played much with the software, benchmarks to come!

Currently running 3 x EK 360 SE Rads to cool all the stuff


This system is a flex, do something nice with the cables and it would basically be a entry level “show system” as I like to call em.

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thank you! :slight_smile:

The cables doesnt bother me, so im probably gonna leave them as is, im no fan of “cablemods”, i like to use the included cables that comes with the PSU

I’m not a big fan eather but you’d be surprised black or gray sleeved cables work for everything

I might have to dig up my sleeving tools then, and do it myself, since i kinda want to keep the cables that FSP already put on the PSU, they seem pretty decent and “trainable”.

Hmm, a mix between black and dark grey would probably make this rig “pop” a bit more, thanks for the feedback :wink:

i am selling these extensions for cheap… 6+8 pin PCIE (looks like that’s what you got?), 8 pin CPU, and obviously the 24…

originally planned for use in a build that never came to be as i bought back a build i made for Alphacools 2019 CES booth. just lemme know but otherwise not really trying to hijack the thread to sell you something just mentioning in passing.

not hijacking at all, i`m always open for advice!

i might be interested in those, but i dunno ho wmuch the shippinh all the way to Norway would be? if the shipping isnt crazy, im interested :wink:

oh jesus not looking to fill out international paperwork and pay that fee, Nowary isn’t on the exclusion list for the USA.

MURICA! freedom :slight_smile:

In Europe, when you need special modding supplies:

24 pin sleeved extension - 9€
6+2 pin sleeved extension - 8€

thanks for the link, but i like to buy my stuff from a local store, to support the local small shop :slight_smile:

I don’t have local computer shops that have more than the usual dust filter, Akasa 120mm fan and USB doodads. :frowning: