X-Star/QNIX vs ASUS PB278Q

Hey guys, i'm contemplating getting a 1440p monitor.  27" seems like magic size vs pixel density.  So from what i hear these 3 different monitors use PLS panels, so essentially they have the same Samsung panel design.

I have a few questions:

  1. Overclocking capabilities(i hear that the korean monitors may overclock up to 140hz)
  2. Color Reproduction quality? (ASUS PB278Q is part of the Pro Art, which it's for good color reproduction...i'm a game developer.....idk anything about the Korean monitors if they have good sRGB production)
  3. Is it worth spending the money on a korean(~$300) monitor over the ASUS(~$400)?


Now i don't mind either of the choice.  I know many reviewers say that the ASUS PB278Q is amazing and the quality of the image is stellar and some people say they've overclocked the panel to 100hz with no problem.  The Korean monitors have had good luck as well in overclocking while some even got 140hz with no frame skipping or pixelation issues.

Man, I have been debating relatively the same thing. here's my thoughts on it. one: why do you need 1440p? the pixel density on a 27 inch monitor will be greater (~109 on that specific monitor vs ~94 or something on a 24 inch 1920 x 1200 (the cheaper version of the pb278q monitor).

also, where can you get the pb278q for 400? because I would totally pull the trigger on that. I am only seeing it for like 490 on amazon.

seemingly the Korean monitors use the Samsung PLS panel that the Asus does so assuming you have a good quality panel you will get the same color reproduction of sRGB. From what I hear though these Korean monitors although overclockable are cheap because they don't pass quality control for some reason.

I think that if you need the color reproduction then you should buy a spyder 4 and that kind of defeats the purpose of saving money on the korean monitor. but if  you need the refresh rate then perhaps go for a cheaper 1080p asus 3d monitor or something? idk. I guess I am just skeptical of the Korean monitors and ebay sellers.personally I am going to pick up 3 asus pa248q I think the utility of multiple monitors is greater to me then gaming in 1440p and since i don't play too any games that are very high paced I can deffinately live with the slight pixel motion blur (tons of games even put in their own motion blur... so why get 120+hz?)


ANYWAY, there's my two cents.

If you've got the money to spend, I would tell you to lean to the PB278Q. Fantastic monitor, well worth the premium over the Korean panels, in my opinion. The panel housing, the stand are superior.

It comes down to how much you wish to spend. Of course, some Koreans panels are better at overclocking. Not all.

well i want the monitor with the best overall experience.  I play games, develop games, write music, graphic design, and film editing so that's why im going 1440.  I get the best of everything, also yes u can get that ASUS monitor for ~400 refurbished, and 3 year warranty.

On amazon they have a few used ones that may have slight blemishes which spikes the price down to $400 which makes it just as likely to occur with the Korean ones as well. Even brand new I've never gotten a 100% perfect monitor.  I've always got them with discoloring/blemishes/slight ding on corner which wont be noticed unless u really search for them.

Ok guys, an update.  I ordered the Qnix DP2710 and it should be coming in about a week.  The guy i bought from has a quality control facility over in California so when it lands in U.S., So it'll take a lil longer than other sellers, but because of this, it's also going to have a 1 year warranty will the seller and the guy is guaranteeing perfect pixel without charging the extra $20-40.

Sounds like a good deal.