X-Star help

I got my monitor yesterday and when I plugged everything in I was gutted:


I message the seller and they tell me to test with another cable.
Didn't have any to hand so I plugged it into my current monitor and it looks fine.

Then something clicked in my head and I checked the cable again, could it be that this is the reason it doesn't work?

Seller provided single not dual DVI? (My current mon being 1080p which is why it looked ok?)

Any of you confirm it looks the same with a single link?

I filed a complaint with ebay as soon as possible rather than wait just in case.


That's what happens with a single link DVI cable. Everything should be fine with a dual.

Neurot1ka Is right This is a result caused by a non-Daul Link DVI cable. I did this same thing when i got mine. (owner here)

seller made a mistake. I wouldn't get too upset. Just head on over to http://www.monoprice.com/

sorry bro.

I'm a UK resident so Monoprice isn't for me?

Gosh I'm so glad it is a simple thing like this, didn't want to argue with customs about my VAT. What a mistake heh.