X-Blades is razing!

Ok so today i got the chance to play X-Blades (yes it's the game with the tiny thong girl), and what i witnessed was unbelievable , i don't think anyone saw this coming at all.

The first thing you are going to notice is the graphics, which are better than Devil May Cry 4 , better than Fallout 3 or Tomb Raider Underworld in their own way but the most importand thing is that they are rendered flawlessly by the game engine. The levels are insanely open scaled providing enought of a battlefield in order to execute the most out of your combos. Apparently , the game developers have made a filter similar to motion blur but much better , that you are going to immediately notice when you first move your mouse in the 3d world.It really adds to the fast paced action play X-Blades provides. The style is anime , and the characters are cell shaded, but that's not the case for the enviroment.The textures are crystal clear and reflect the light exactly in the way Tomb Raider Underworld does.

I played X-Blades with a 9600Gt on my lappy (Hp pavillion Dv7) with everythign maxed out and surprise surprise , no lag no nothing.

Obviously the game's engine makes smart use of the computer's power even though it's having spectacular graphics, which completely suits X-Blades lightning fast paced gameplay.

Beeing developed by the unknown Gaijin Entertainment i originaly thought that it was going to be one more flashy game with cheesy effects that markets itself with sex. Well actually that's quite what it does , but it is much more than that.

The gameplay feels rock solid and the animations are far the best i've seen in a fast paced game.The overall feel you get is a mixture of Dragonball with Devil May cry. You can cast spells or use your dual blades ( which include long raged guns ) to take down enemies raging form large warewolves to the most demonic creatures you can imagine.The game features some of the most epic moves possible so that you can bring enemies down with style. The keyboard keys are smartly placed to provide a fast response when you need it so that you don't look for that spell key when a bunch of crazy demons appear and you have to instantly deliver some blows.

The special moves, or spells are executed with the help of a rage bar (!).For example the first skill you're going to learn is earthquake, imagine pressing the button and seeing the thong from nearly wormseye view only because Ayumi has just jumped waiting for her landing so that she can execute a cruel sword style attack that makes the ground crumble and the foes die before they hit the ground.

About the plot, clearly this game doesn't have much of it, althought that can actually be a good thing because you only need a reason for deamons to appear and a reason to have a sword in your hand.So our girl , Ayumi is someting like Lara croft , only asian style. Oh , you also get to see it in partial Slow mo (!) even when simply stiking with your sword

The music rocks and fits exactly to the game's world , you'll hear some light metal when in a tough situation which really makes the battles raging mad.

Overall this game is golden and definately worths your attention especially if you like anime style battles or asian chicks.Travel through ancient ruins with only a tiny thong by your side

My rating is : 9.5/10 and i am very very [u]not[/u] generous.


argh boner :D

funny fact : before going into the x-blades website you must enter your age , i wonder if it's because of the thong...

when is this game coming our or is it all ready?

it's "out" on torrent sites :P

wolfdale wrote 7 hours ago ยป

funny fact : before going into the x-blades website you must enter your age , i wonder if it's because of the thong...

u have to do that will all rated M games usually