WTS | X470 Aorus Ultra Gamin

This looked like it’d work out, but I don’t think this is the board I want. So I’m orchestrating some other sales rn, going to buy an X570-P, and whoever wants this board will get it shipped to them as soon as the other board arrives.

The board works fine. I took the stuck on badge off the upper vrm and took the io-plate cover off. It was an open box board I got at micro center on my trip to chicago. The io plate cover was broken at one peg, but can be glued. I figured leave it off for airflow reasons.

Asking 100 plus shipping.

Haven’t really left home since my trip to chicago before all this stuff started blowing up. Came back to MI mar 17. Will package however you want and ship with whoever, I prefer ups.


I see you got that sucker from Microcenter…

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I did, when I went to chicago.

Its a great board. It’ll ruin an 8 or 6 core A+. 12 core, not so much.

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@moderators Could someone close this I’ve decided otherwise.

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And so it is done.

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