[WTS] Water-Cooled Gaming Rig i7 3770k GTX 770

Hi everyone, I am selling my trusty gaming desktop because I want to buy my first car :) So the specs are as follows -
Processor - i7 3770k cooled by H100i
RAM - 16 GIGS of Corsair Vengeance at 1600mhz
GPU - GTX 770 Asus edition
Mobo - MSI military class iii z77a-gd55
PSU - OCZ 700w Semi modular
Case - Antec 900 (missing some of the front grills, purely cosmetic)
PICS http://imgur.com/a/N0rD8
Price - I want to get 1000 for just the desktop or I can include my Deathadder Chroma and my 2 HP monitors for 1200 That's about it just pm me if you have more questions or i left anything out.