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[WTS] Samsung Odyssey Plus VR HMD +Extras $375 Shipped [CONT48US]

Recently upgraded to an HTC Vice Cosmos Elite, and what a difference in the tracking. I can’t tell too much difference between the display besides the magic Samsung sprinkled on their lenses which is basically IRL AA applied. I don’t think I am going to be using this headset what so ever so I am deciding to sell it off if anybody wanted to get their feet wet with VR.

I will ship to the Continental US 48, and will be using UPS and insured.

I am including the accessories I added to make the whole experience more convenient and comfortable.

  • The pair of Left and Right Windows Mixed Reality Controllers that come with the HMD
  • 4 rechargable 1.5V li-ion battery for controllers (included a 4 way split micro USB cable)
  • 6ft UBS 3.0 and HDMI extension
  • USB 3.0 Powered Hub for extending the USB cable (required or you will have a horribly loud static noise when playing games.)
  • VR cover PU leather face cushion, one installed one extra s well as the stock face cushion.
  • Rigged a head strap to the headset for comfort.
Additional Pictures

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My mini review


  • Easy to set up, and easily pack up and move around to different parts of the house or locations
  • Controllers are very light weight even for how bulky they look
  • AMOLED screen looks amazing with night time scenes being very dark
  • Sweet spot for lens is quite large compared to my HTC Vive Cosmos Elite


  • Limited range of tracking, going up too high or too wide or too low, you lose your hands
  • No additional hardware to improve tracking available
  • Occasional loss of tracking, when moving incredibly fast, hand will appear on the ground and will take a second to re-calibrate its position (This can be frustrating when playing expert+ in Beat saber)
  • Track pad does become glitchy once in a while, holding the windows button to turn it off and then back on fixes it. Not always an issue but can be annoying when trying to be precise with the track pad.
  • Not all games support WMR controls out of the box but plenty of community controller profiles available on steam.

Thanks for stopping by, have a good day.