[WTS] [NA] Seasonic Platinum 1200w PSU SS-1200XP (SOLD)

This has been sold.

Price is $150 plus shipping. This PSU normally retails for $230.


I'm moving to an ITX gaming build, so I'm slowly selling the parts to my current PC as I transition.

It comes with all it's original accessories. i.e. the cable carrying bag, all the cables, the extra velcro ties, etc.

It has been lightly used. I only ever had a single Fury X and 5930K using it. I don't overclock. My intention was to eventually Crossfire, but that didn't happen, and I can't do that in an ITX case.

This PSU has a normal and hybrid mode switch on it for it's fan control. Hybrid basically means the fan shuts off when under a smaller load. The fan never kicked on for me, for example.

If you guys have any questions regarding this PSU, feel free to ask.

Good that its sold.
Then i put a lock on it.

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