[WTS] MSI Z270-A Pro, Celeron G3930, 4GB Crucial DDR4 2400, 1x-16x PCIE risers, and more

I had all this stuff for a mining setup but after buying two cards some life stuff happened and I have decided the funds are better allocated elsewhere. Ran it for two months. Would like to sell mobo/CPU/RAM as a combo, but I understand if you aren’t going to mine and will part out if other users are interested. I have 8 1x-16x risers and will include the dual-PSU adapter. No asking price, just taking offers.

Update, I still have this mobo guys, it is just about useless to me so feel free to offer a trade for something dumb or to low-ball me.

You still got this stuff?

Sold the rest, but literally just threw the mobo in the trash a few weeks ago lol. Got tired of looking at it