[WTS] i7-6700K (new in box) [Closed]

I've got a 6700K that I don't need as I'm currently running a i7-5930K so I'm looking to sell it.

I'm asking $225 shipped to your door.

Payment: Paypal
Ship to: 48 contiguous states

EDIT: I'll have this post open for a day or two before i sell


Would you be willing to ship to Canada?

Where in canada? I'd be willing but I'd raise the price by the difference in shipping

The greater Toronto area

I am in Iowa, would you ship here? If you'll ship to Toronto He/she was here first so sell to them, if not I'd be interested.

You didn't get this from your Microcenter/Intel discount did you?

I can ship to you. Canada's international is brutal.

although I would like to see to someone more active in the community.

*see main post edit

I read through the forums daily and watch most of the content I've just had lots of account troubles so I don't log in. I am just about to build a computer for college so I tried resetting my password and low and behold it worked.



I live in 48 cont., I will take it off your hands if no one else has. I'm not sure if this forum has PM or naw. I have heatware and other forum FS/WTB verification to prove legitimacy also.

I'll start the bid at $20

PM sent. :)