[WTS] I7- 2800QM, Quadro K1000M 2GB and 8 GB ddr3 soddim salvaged from Precision M4600

As the title say, they are pieces of a defunct Dell Precision M4600 and rather than throwing everything for the electronic recycling, I said to myself that maybe somebody would be interested in these for a project or something. Here it is.

The following prices are in $CAD (too lazy to convert in US, but would be around x0.75 in US$)

50$ 4x 2GB ddr3 soddims
50$ Quadro K1000M
80$ i7-2800QM

Plus shipping that would be surely around 15$ to Canada and CONUS

(Disclaimer: They are not as dirty as the picture may let think so. I would not do that much of a dirty job in cleaning. My Pixel 2 was struggling a little bit in that weird lighting)


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Added the [WTS] text.