[WTS] HyperX Clouds

I've got a pair of the original HyperX Clouds (red/black) sitting in my closet not doing anything and I want to sell them. I will have proof pictures posted around 12-1pm EST just wanted to start generating some interest now because if I could sell them before work that would be awesome. (I work at UPS so they will ship day of sale) One earcup is slightly dented. Will include all accessories EXCEPT the 5ft extension cable. Looking to get $50, this also covers shipping. US only. PayPal only payment to be made in advance.

P.S. you'd be helping me pay for medical bills many thanks

Update with images as promsied

Will you lick it b4 send?
No but srsly I might but us only and eh

That cost extra

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Shameless self bump of champions

@SoulFallen your pics have a dead link

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Wtf... I won't be able to fix it until later today thanks for the heads up.

@SoulFallen, the bread is mouldy- I mean, can you re-link the pics?

Oh crap I forgot I'll do it in about 15 minutes

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Oddly enough the images are actually missing from imgur... New images with better camera!

Dent as seen below, merely a cosmetic issue nothing more

@Destroyed007 I demolded the bread... wait wut?

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