WTS: [H] The Witcher 3 Nvidia Code [W] Paypal or GTA V, Prjct CARS

Just bought a GTX 960 and got a witcher 3 code. I'm not extremely intrested in the Witcher 3 and don't have the money to buy GTA V because of the GPU purchase so I'm selling it off. Looking to get either $40 USD, a code for Project Cars (PC), or a GTA V code (PC) (preferred).

That Nvidia code is for GOG, not steam, and it looses a big chunk of its value thanks to that. There are plenty of such keys on the net, since every1 wants a steam version of the game :(. You probably could swap it for a social club GTA code since its a bit cheaper than a steam GTA game. If you're interested in any of the games in my steam inventory for it, I might be interested in it.


I'd expect a GOG code to be worth more than steam because it has no DRM. Its not like you can't just 'add to steam library' to get steam overlay.

I'm not really intrested in any games other than GTA V and project cars so I cant say im really intrested in your offer. I don't really care what platform my games are on either, I would certainly accept a social club code or any other code, as long as its for GTA V PC.

It is worth less because people like to horde games in a single place and that place is steam.

my point exactly, they also like to show off their Achivments and play time :) thats why the Social club code is gonna be cheaper than the steam gift

Bumping as it's been 3 weeks. Will also accept a copy of project CARS for any PC platform.


I am interested. Shoot me a PM