[wts] gtx 660 $165

Hey i have a gtx 660 that i have sitting here in a box, anyways i used it for a month until i got enough money to get a titan lol. it doesent have any scratches or crap on it its pretty much newish albeit a little dusty. o yea i dont smoke so yea i know that ruins electronics.

so because i suck at forums im just going to put up some pictures.

ok so evidently hen i post pictures they end up like this gtx 660

so i have no idea what im doing wrong their but here is the link to the photos



here is a link to the amazon page of the same one if you want the specs and whatnot http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009F7HFRA/ref=oh_details_o08_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 

sorry if i broke any weird forum rules ill fix if you tell me, also tell me if you ant any more info or pictures of the thing i tried getting every side and whatnot.

Only USA or other countries as well? and what's about payment?

You broke rule 1 :P


  • Photos of all of the items being offered, with physical evidence of your TekSyndicate username are required for all sales

yea i didnt realy get that ill add that to it

i gess i just take a picture of my name or something?


I believe it is supposed to be a pic with the item for sale and your name visible in one picture, that's how people usually do it.

uhh ok let me get my camera


thanks for helping me out with this ive never really sold anything online like this, does this photo work?

uhh USA only because shipping times/price would be ridicules i could totaly do a paypall thing the price of shipping in the us wouldent be bad something like 3-5$


Should be fine, good luck with the sale.

still available?


you can get this care new for the same price after a mail in rebate or 20 usd more if u aren't  into that.

lol a little lait but yea


Ill give you $110 shipped for it.

How about $165? lol

$110 is a good deal. There's a good availability of faster cards for $165.

$110 shipped? Do we have a deal?

How about 165$?

Cant do it, good luck with your sale.