[WTS] [FS/US] EVGA GT 1030 Low-Profile

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Now for what’s on sale:

EVGA GT 1030 Low-Profile - $70

Purchased for testing and used for all of 3 hours. Works great and warranty is still available. Comes with the low-profile bracket as well as the standard.

nVidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Founder’s Edition - SOLD

Thanks for looking!

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You got the FE to run at 2037 MHz? I can’t get my PNY version to do anything related to overclocking really. Still though I am happy with the card as who wouldn’t be. Sorry if this triggered you checking the post thinking you had a sale. If run into some money in the next while though I will consider going SLI and taking this off your hands. : )

Yeah this card is from the launch event and it’s decently binned. Takes a bit of tweaking to get it to stay at 2037MHz but 2000MHz is absolutely stable with a slightly more aggressive fan curve and +10% power limit.

Is the gt 1030 still available?