[WTS] EVGA GTX 960 SSC & Logitech G502

Save a few bucks and buy my EVGA GTX 960 SSC!

Less than a week old. Comes with original box, all accessories and documentation.



Also have a Logitech G502 with about a weeks worth of use on it. Does have a very small blemish on one of the buttons. Comes with original box and accessories.




Why are you selling the 960?

ill give ya 100 for the 960 :P

Don't need it, I have an R9 290X now :D

your asking too much even if its a new card. the second you drive it off of the lot you lose 20% value MINIMUM.

170 shipped more reasonable. for 960.... mouse even more so. worth 45 shipped.

also, whats the reason for the mouse sale?

I paid $215 for the card so $190 is more than fair IMO for a week old card, stop being cheap lol

Also I have a Mionix Avior 7000 now so I don't need the G502

pretty sketchy that someone buys a card then a week later wants to sell it.  Why did you want to get rid of the mouse after a week as well?  Im interested in the mouse.

Why so paranoid Batman? We are PC enthusiasts, buying and selling components is all apart of the game.

I'm getting rid of the G502 because I no longer need it. I have an Avior 7000 and Torq X10 and really have no need for 3 mice.

GTX 960 has been sold!

G502 still available...

G502 has been sold! Thanks for playing folks...