[WTS] EVGA 650ti Boost SC 2GB

I'm selling my old EVGA 650ti Boost SC 2GB for $130

It runs good and I am only selling it because I recently purchased a 770.

I'm also willing to negotiate the price.



you can get a new one for $140


Where at? 

The lowest I could see was $170 for a new one

Just go on PCPartPicker........I think that card is more in the $80 range.  Just remember, the card you're selling is used and, people expect to get a good deal from used items.

Pm sent

half of those are out of stock

Doubt you are a scammer or anything but your forum name isnt displayed in any of the images. Needs to be written down on a piece of paper in each image or similar.

I have it on the last one, on the blue piece of paper.  I also didn't know it had to be on all of them.  Also, after looking at it, it somehow got upside down and shows up kind of light.

Have you sold this yet?

Not technically, the buyer doesn't have the money yet. He said he should have it in a few days.  If he isn't able to get the money, I'll let you know

I'll keep an eye open. And thanks.

The job the person was supposed to do to get the money fell through so it is still for sale of you want it