[WTS] Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 AMD Motherboard and AMD FX-8350

Looking to sell my motherboard and CPU as I have upgraded to the blue side of things. PM me any offers.



Where are you based, US, EU elsewhere? Where are you prepared to post to?

Also did you overclock; if so what settings did you use and what speed was it stable at?


Sorry about the lack of extra info. I'm in the US. I did a little overclocking and got it to ~4.8. You can probably get it higher with a little more skill as I am very inexperienced in the realm of overclocking.

how much are you looking for? and are you willing to sell them separately?

I am selling them separately, just shoot me an offer

id give you like 70$ USD for the board. Im in the US as well. Id paypal you the money.

Are either of these items still for sell?

The last time he posted was 2 weeks ago, although I'd be interested to know as well...

Still for sale just pm me an offer