[WTS] Asus R9290X DCUIIOC 4GB for $200! *SOLD*

Hey guys!

I'm selling my Asus R9290X DCUIIOC 4GB card. The card works perfectly fine, and has no cosmetic or physical damage whatsoever. I bought the card around April 2014, and it's been working without any issues in the same rig I put together back then. I'm selling it because I've just purchased another graphics card, so this guy is no longer needed. The price is $225. It comes in the Asus packaging that can be seen in the picture below (I do not have the exterior box! Only the box that comes out of it). I also have all the stickers and the documents that come with it in the box. Feel free to shoot me a message down below if you have any questions. Have a great evening!

Please read the guidelines for buy sell trade. You will need a pic of the GPU with your name and today's date on a note thanks.

Sorry about that. I'm at work right now, but I'll take pics with todays date and my name on them as soon as I get home tonight. Thank you!

allright i´m waiting for it. ☺
You indeed need to provide a picture of your card, with your nickname and date writen down on a piece of paper viewable.
This is for approval.

All done! Thank you for your help! Have a good evening (:


is shipping outside the us an option?

It sure is, but I would not want to be held responsible for any issues that are out of my reach. The package will contain all the items listed above, with the card itself placed in an anti static bag and with enough bubble wraps to keep it from any physical damage(I will provide several pictures of the packaging with Fragile Sign on the box, in order to provide evidence of its security). I would also ship it with one of the courier and method of your choice (ie UPS, USPS, Fedex and the specific method), and provide you with a tracking number as soon as I've shipped the card. Shipping cost would be on your end, though. Let me know if you're interested!

Making this ublic for both mine and the buyer's safety.
tim1001 has agreed to pay $200 + 17.53 for shipping via UPS which will be delivered by Wednesday.
I've just shipped the package, and I will provide the tracking no in about 10 mins.
I've just accepted the Paypal transaction.
I have screenshots of our PM tab, as well as the Paypal receipt.

Here are the packaging pictures.

I've accepted the payment.
I've shipped the package via UPS.
I've provided tim1001 with a tracking no.
I've provided him with the original invoice of the item.
I'm making it public by posting the shipping pictures.