[WTS] 2x960GB Kioxia CD6-R, and an HBA

These are the last components I had bought for the homelab which are now no longer needed. Help me complete the purge.


Fujitsu D3307-A12 12G PCI-e SAS Controller - $50

HBA has been flashed to IT mode for ZFS

2 x Kioxia 960GB CD6-R plus tiny screws and potentially aggravating PCIe adapter card - $100 each
Message me if you want just the drive.

Prices are negotiable so long as they cover shipping. I mostly just want to get rid of the stuff.


Would you be willing to benchmark the drive? I know there are plenty of benchmarks out there, but all of them skip the baseline desktop user experience tests, like RND4k Q1T1 and latency.

I have been looking to try one as alternative to normal consumer m.2 ssds, but hard data is not available.

Crystaldiskmark with profile realworld performance is the best for apples to apples comparison.

Here is Samsung 990 PRO 2TB drive with same bench:

Also what kind of trouble did you experience with the pcie → u.2 adaptor? One would expect to be nearly plug and play.

I don’t have a machine here that could use them and is running windows directly on the hardware, but I could do some fio runs. I’m honestly not even sure it was the pcie adapter that was causing the strange random problems I ran into when I first put the desktop into use, just that the problems went away when I yanked it. I remembered Wendell saying in a video that they were better than cables and worked, except when they didn’t, so I yanked the drive and the problems went away.