[WTS] $150 ATI/AMD S9000 server GPU for PCIe Passthrough, Horizon or RDS


I bought this high-end PCI card thinking I wanted to do passthrough but I really don’t need it. I don’t game and I don’t give AF how fast graphics are in my homelab.

Card is listed in VMWare hcl here:


ranked in ‘best’ category for Windows 2012r2 RemoteFX here:

I’m sure it’d be a good candidate for KVM passthrough but I don’t have any resources regarding that or Citrix/Xen ATM.

It doesn’t have a fan because it’s meant to be used in a server that has high air flow, but I zip tied a 80mm fan to the back of it and it worked fine for cooling under load (or you could also get a fan set for an adjacent PCI slot, etc. if you want to be all fancy).

Asking $150 + shipping.

I can include a PCIe x16 slot extension cable if you need it. Also have a 50-device RDS license if you want it for another $35 (works for Server 2016).

You need to post a picture of the card as well as your username on a piece of paper with the card per the rules of BST.