WTF amd gpu drivers

I just want to get some opinions on amd drivers. I recently bought an 270x Gigabyte Windforce. every time i played a game i would get strange color blotches much like it had been oc to high and was unstable but even under clocking didnt fix this after the new amd driver up date i no longer get them but in bf 4 I lose sound every now and then when joining a match. i just think this is very odd and was wondering if any one else had similar problems.

Bf4 has its own separate audio problems. That's a EA problem not, driver. I'm not sure about the blotches... probably drivers, monitor problems or graphics card hardware problem.

There is a reason it's called a BETA driver.

It's like everyone forgot what that word means.

it's not perfect

It didn't seem like I had an performance boost. Though, I have a 6950 so I can't use mantel anyway.

Then why are you useing it? 

audio problems have been there since day one,dice fix one thing and brake three new things

wasn't aimed at you.

I just get really touchy when people complain about something that is obviously in the works >_<

1. It's beta- Why not?

2. It's beta- they need feedback before the final release.

3. It's beta- people like to complain.

4. It's beta- ALL ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN! (even if it does live up to it, my point still stands)

Hope you flashed that to a 6970. Was the best thing I've ever done in my life.

A little off topic but I still think Terraria is better than Starbound... People try to defend it by saying its in beta and its not the final product... but terraria was created by one guy..

I've been using the drivers on my card since the night they released them. I turned on mantle, updated BF4 and jumped in. Enjoyed the weird sound issue. Also enjoyed crashing at the end of every match. I thing the BF4 messing up is a mix of DICE and AMD. No other game I have uses mantle so I couldn't test the driver that well. There wasn't any performance gain for me so it's whatever. The blotches are weird. If that's hardware related and the card is under warranty I'd try replacing it

Instead of whining on a forum about how beta drivers do not work well, You should be making bug reports and sending them to the source . Otherwise you should probably stay away from beta drivers.

thanks for the feed back and yes i did mention the beta driver problems to amd

the 14.2 driver is way better