WTB: Stupid Alienware Sata Clip

A freind has an alienware 17 laptop and wants to put in a second 1 TB hard drive. We managed to find a nice HGST drive and when we opened the thing up I forgot that dell tried to innovate and you have to have a stupid little L clip that plugs into a sata port on the mobo to literally turn the plug 90 degrees.

So: Does anyone have one that I can buy / trade for / just have/ This is really frickin stupid.

One of these?

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YES exactly

Thank you

Edit: Yes but no ;-;

It's UK only for that it seems (US based here) but that is exactly what I am looking for

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I searched for "sata 90 degree"

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I'm not the brightest. Lets leave it at that.

(I'm bad at describing things)

Surprisingly amazon was pretty good at finding it. Though it was about 10 down the list.

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