[WTB] Socket LGA 775 Motherboard

I'm in the market for a motherboard to replace my preposterously bad MSI G41-P25m, since it is bottlenecking, well, everything. I was hoping to get either an X48 chipset motherboard or an over-spec P45 chipset motherboard. I honestly don't care whether it is DDR2 or DDR3 compatible, as I'll find some memory for it somewhere, it just needs to support a high enough speed of whichever it does. I also need the FSB to, at the very least, natively support 1600MHz. I also need it to support PCI-e 2.0. My needs are essentially things that it has to possess to be superior to my current motherboard, which is a piece of garbage for overclocking, or stability in general.

So, funny story (or not, if you've been in my shoes), I was bidding on an auction for the pretty awesome ASUSTeK P5Q Premium motherboard. You know, the one with the really awesome X48 chipset, quad-gigabit ethernet connectivity, crap ton of USB and all the other bells and whistles? I had been the highest bidder for the three days that I've been watching the auction when, with seven seconds to go, another random bidder appears and trumps my bid by one dollar. I attempt, with five seconds ticking away on the auction timer, to submit a one-click-bid. I clicked submit with two seconds to spare, and the auction ended without registering my bid at all. I called up the people at Ebay and they said that he didn't actually bid any higher than was shown, so I should have actually won. The problem is "fairly common. It's why we implemented automatic bidding" to which I responded "If it's still a problem then you should fix it or not even bother to offer it." Needless to say, there is very likely nothing either Ebay nor the seller can do, thanks to the legally binding nature of the auction, regardless of the rather prominent flaws that I continue to find.

My dream motherboard to replace my current one is one of the variants of this motherboard, because I want the rock-like stability of that power delivery, and I want all the bells and whistles and a motherboard competent enough not to strangle my graphics card with PCI-e 1.2 and my processor with a FSB limited to 1333MHz.


shouldn't this be in the B/S/T section then? wait, this is a really confusing thread on where to place on the forum.

maybe multiple threads? there seems to be multiple motives here?

Ah, I wasn't even aware that section existed, thanks to the nesting of the options being difficult to discern. I've moved it to the appropriate location.

As to multiple threads, yeah, there are. The first one I posted a couple of weeks ago, and it's now buried somewhere deep in the nether regions of the website, also in the wrong section. And concerning multiple motives, there are those also. I'm entreating the wonderful people of the community to see if they have any decent socket LGA 775 motherboards that they might be willing to sell me for less preposterous amounts of money than people on Ebay continue to charge, and I'm also ranting quite a lot about Ebay, because it's necessary to explain why I'm going to seem so frustrated in every remark I make on the subject.