[WTB] Server Rack

Ideally 42U, a basic 4-post is fine, not looking for anything fancy.

I can come pick up if its anywhere nearby:

  • Moscow Idaho
  • Pullman Washington
  • Spokane Washington

I would prefer buying somewhat locally, just because shipping these things costs a fortune.

If you can’t source once locally, the Startech one is the best/cheapest in my experience.

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Look out for University surplus/auctions. That’s where I got mine… Actually, I got 3 and resold 2 making a few bucks in the end.

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I got my first server rack from a local university surplus sale years ago, but unfortunately with COVID there are tighter restrictions.

Ill snoop around a bit and see if anything pops up locally.

Check with government agencies too. I have three racks in storage destined for the scrap metal recycler. Living in a rural community, there’s no other outlet other than throwing it away.

Got mine off Craigslist check there, might be a FB marketplace too

Threw one out in the middle of Manhattan last summer. Covid to blame for that though.

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