WTB Sandy or ivy brige era laptop broken or not!

So About a year ago I traded my buddy my new tripple core amd laptop for his broken lenovo y560p.
It has an i7 2630qm 4gb ram and a 320gb hdd. The bios has slowly corrupted its self and the computer can no longer boot. Its parts are near impossible to source. I am looking for any chassis to swap the i7 and other stuff into. All that is needed is: the chasis to work, have all the necessary port covers or have the port covers easily obtainable online. Most ivy brige laptops can take sandy brige cpu's thus why I am also looking for them. Drop me a pm or comment below if you have something.


Willing to pay cash or trade certain items such as pc components, acessories, etc.

Note that broken keyboard is acceptable.

- you need a laptop that had a equally or more powerful CPU ; otherwise the power delivery might be bad 

-You probably will need a laptop that had a i7 -yourmodel- to avoid BIOS issues 

I tried with replacing my i3 320 with a i7 560 ( or something ) and only problems , BIOS update issues , driver issues , power was fine because I chose a cpu with the same TDP , but it throttled under load and crashed .

Maybe look for just y560p working chassis , or resell the CPU on ebay ? 

nah aslong as it supports the cpu microcode and tdp it will be fine. y560p is a rare and hard to find model and I really dont want to sell the cpu.

The only motherboards are over $200 when shipped thus not worth it.


If your interested I have a used Dell Inspiron 3520 with a i5-4120m, i think. I bought it a few years ago and it still works pretty well.

not likely, But ill send a pm anyway. I am mostly looking for i3's and pentiums to put my i7 into for the most part.

I also assume that you need a socketed laptop.

Nfs, but my Sandy bridge acer's i5 is directly on the motherboard.

Yeah my y560p's i7 is socketed otherwise i wouldnt even bother.


wow so very much bump