[wtb] gtx 970 4gb


Looking to upgrade from my 280X, but don't have a lot of money.

eBay shows listings for 970s at around the 160 mark, hoping to find one for $150 or less if anyone has one lying around, that would be great.

Am willing to pay up front via paypal as long as you're at least a little trusted around here :)

I have a spare one I have no use for, can you pm on here?



I'm waiting on my $30 refund...

how did you even apply for it because they owe me it too


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thanks miguel

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I will have two available early next week for $125/ea.

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dirt cheap i have them go for 225

970 is not worth $225. I just sold two 980's with the box and brand new HSF and got $250. eBay price is $150-165 so $125 without the fee's is fair IMO.

$125 is 960 territory out here in Los Angeles.
I'm seeing $170 as the lowest on craigslist for a 970. The majority are in the $180-$200 area.