Wtb. fx83xx

I FOUND MINE BUT IT DOES NOT WORK. I would like to buy anything in the 8300 series that you have sitting on a shelf.

Whats your target price / shipping location will probably help

Um, 50$ give or take?

Your chip die or something? Why?


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Aren’t they still littering stores? Or did they all dissappear in the NAS storm a few years ago?

i wouldnt know, where i live there are 10x more cows than people. the closest best buy or microcenter is about 5 hours drive with no kids or wife in the car.

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Ahhh, I see now.

I go to recycling centers pretty often. If no one on here has anything I’ll look around and PM you anything I find.

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I’m pretty sure I still have an FX-8320 (along with MB and RAM) in storage (I don’t think it threw it away). Driving by my storage unit tomorrow so will attempt to locate it if you’re still looking.