WTB (Australia) cheap laptop or desktop for friend

Hey guys a mate of mine has recently killed his laptop and is looking for a cheap replacement pretty much just for facebook and whatever porn sites he visits, it doesn't have to be super powerful just to get him back online
we are located in South East Vic Australia and can either pick up if you're close or pay for postage.
contact me through here or shoot me a text/call 0478 636 635

http://australiancomputertraders.com.au, they sell laptops for as low as $150.

Brisbane is a little far for me but ill check a few local stores, I was just hoping someone had an old pc/laptop laying around and wanted a little $$ for it

i have an acer aspire 15.6" screen and dual core intel cpu, win 8, 500g hdd, 4gb ddr3, dvd burner and wifi

you can have that for 50 plus postage from canberra