WTB ATX and larger case, with more than three 5.25 external bays (abused is OK)

I guess it’s all in the title. Looking for something ultra cheap, like parts bi/dumpster 10 years ago. But will pay a premium for something just right. Problem is, I can’t put m finger on `what’s “just right”. But I will know it when I see it! Will be looking to purchase first week of next month. Bonus points for super AT tower from decades past. The bigger the better, the more 5.25 bays the better. Pricing from $5 to $200 US, not including shipping. Can be missing components also.

I think what you want is the antec 900


What’s your general location?

The South-West, mostly Arizona and New Mexico. Will pay for shipping (even at high cost) and/or drive long distance for the right case.

Maybe the Coolermaster HAF X is something for you. I´m not from 'Murica, so i cant give you mine, lol.

Good recommendation! Been on CoolerMasters website a ton, and dont know how I missed that. Gonna hold out for a while for some “old-school” super-tower for a while, but I may just jump on one of those if nothing turns up. Thanks.

I get conflicting info on this case, on what all fits, and if it actually has mount points/cages for more than three 5.25 drives without buying more stuff. Does anyone have one of these? for info? But looks like a great option. If noting vintage and huge shows up, this might be in finals against the coolermaster below, and a rosewill.

I’ll take some pics of my old school super tower. I believe it has 8x 5.25" external bays and 8x 3.5" internal bays… back in the day at University I had it stuffed with tiny hard drives and tucked in a corner of the lab I worked in.

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Sounds exactly like what I’m looking for!

the 9 5.25 bays are built into the case, then the HDD bays are grouped into 3 per adapter that slots into the 5.25 bays, I know at least 2 of those are included, and fans can mount on the adapters

Not as big as I remembered, still stupid tall, instead of being a bit wider. The 5.25" bays are not compatible with slide in cages, unless you use a cutting tool to remove the supports.

Six external bays, six internal bays, plus all that wasted space above the PSU, could fit another stack of drives in there with some modifications.

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bitchin! so you wanna sell?

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Two things, I need to see if I can find the side panel, it’s been sitting open like that for who knows how long. Also need to see if I can find a large enough box. Mine is a very rural town, in a remote location. We don’t have anything like a UPS store that ships things for people, nor is there one anywhere near by.

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Not sure it fits the bill but I have two NZXT H440s I want to part with. One is the plan orange/black and the other is the limited edition hyperbeast…

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i have alot ways to handle shipping, any luck on the panel? might buy w/o

Had XB Evo you won’t regret it

Here is a link to my post on r/hardwareswap. Photos/timestamps are listed there.

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willing to come down on the hyperbeast?

I would rather not if shipping. I would assume shipping a box of that size and weight isn’t going to be too cheap. What did you have in mind?