[WTB] 990FX Motherboard, 8350, and RAM

I would like to purchase a 990FX motherboard. It has to be an Asus, ASRock, MSI, or Gigabyte board. Also would like to buy and AMD 8350.  RAM has to be 2x4GB or more (1600MHz and up) and from G.Skill, Crucial, Mushkin, or Corsair. Would like to pay around $250 for all three. Thanks in advance.

Disregaurd- I dun goofed

I dont think hes looking for new parts.

*facepalms so hard it goes through the wall behind me*

I was browsing the unanswered topic section, and didn't bother to look where this was posted. My bad.


No not new. I just need them to be lightly used in good condition with no issues. I'll pay up to $300 if I have to.......