[WTB] 5 Bay or more HDD Dock

I am interested in buying a dock that has 5 bays or more. Preferably used, as it would be a lesser price than new. USB or Network is fine.

what size drives?

5.25" / 3.5" / 2.5" / nvme?


A quick search found this for cheap:

[Sans Digital AccuNAS AN6L+B 6 Bay ISCSI Network Storage AN6LPLUSB 739410734853 | eBay](https://nas 6 bay)

Not knowing what your actual budget is. If you have more than that to spend I’d actually spend some time looking up name brand nas units (synology / asustor / qnap) for soho use.

I know I’m going to get roasted for not recommending used industrial grade hardware but I don’t know what is a good deal or a good option in that realm. Maybe one of the other members can give you a lead in that area!

My $0.02 for what it’s worth!

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No more than 300 USD, as qnap and synology cost an arm and a leg for basic functionality. I would rather have just a dock, not a nas. Nas is a premium and a dock such as usb is ideal. I would be attaching it to my truenas or my already existing synology. I want a dumb dock that might support built in raid.

I am looking at a dumb dock… Not a nas. A das as you will.

Besides the qnap the orico and yotta I worry about performance and build quality. I have had a orico nvme enclosure and it sucked. Kept disconnecting usb. I dont know if it was a one off, or is a bad brand. I never heard of yottamaster either.

This terramaster is one i have heard of but dont know the quality…

So am wondering if any community members have used stuff that is better known.

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My apologies. I had forgotten about DAS and NAS was the first thing that came to mind!

Sabrent DAS

Look at sabrent. I’ve had great luck with their products in the past!