WTB 4930k / X79 motherboard

I'm looking to buy a 4930k and a X79 motherboard. If the chip hasn't been overclocked or has just ran at a moderate overclock I'd be happy, but nothing extreme. For the motherboard I would like to have anything with 8 ram slots, and in an ATX form factor or smaller. For the motherboard I need it to either beat or out class the $179.99 I can get for a X79 Asus Deluxe off Newegg. I'd be willing to pay $350-400 for the 4930k as long as its a good condition part.

Thanks for viewing!


I just sold my 4930k on ebay for 510 but that was a new in box one there was some used ones going fairly low if no one on here has one

A lot of them are going for $430ish on ebay but I'm not willing to pay that considering how cheap the 5820k is and how close it is in performance. The $430 price range is bound to drop but I'm not wanting to wait a couple months for that to happen.

I have a Intel DX79TO that I can sell to you.

I ended up buying a Lga 1150 board instead but thanks for the offer.

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