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[WTB] 2x HDPLEX 200W (& AC adapter)

If you have any of these lying around that you don’t use, I would be glad to take it from you.

I need 2x HDPLEX 200W, and a Ryzen 3400G.

I would be also interested if you have a leftover standalone low profile heatsink (in the likes of NH-L9a or MasterAir G200P)(doesn’t matter if intel or amd). And 2x 180W to 230W 19V AC adapter (but those are easy to find so it is more of a (I’ve got that also))

I’m in Quebec, Canada


Probably too new for used parts

You might want to include where you are so people would have an idea on shipping etc.

Good point and done

wonder if this is legit?
I thought 380$ was a little much until I remembered its an 8 core so 3700X pricing isn’t unreasonable

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545 canadian rupees :sob: It’s as expensive than the PN50 with 4500U

Really wish these were available direct to consumer