(WTB) 2 R9 290x's or a 780 Ti

Working on my new rig and looking to pick up either 2 290x's or a 780 Ti to game with. if anyone has one, please let me know. Also, I would prefer to use paypal. I hope that would not be an issue. 

I have 2 new 290's , but I'm Belgian .

Where are you ?

im in the states

200 $ of transport , sorry.

Good luck.

I have a 780 TI but I live in Canada lol.


I have a EVGA GTX 780 with a backplate (Custom painted white) If you are interested.

I have a 780TI SuperClocked with a Kraken G10 and Kraken X40 in a push-pull setup for sale. 

This is what the set-up looks like. I'm at work right now or I would send you an original one.  I still have the stock cooler and original box the GPU came in. 

Also, the G10 adapter is black... sorry for the three messages in a row. 

Hey , still there ?

I have  2 290's , have estimated shipping , I *think* it would be 49,99 € , and I could sell them for 260€ each , so 570€ total ( 717 $ )

If this seems interesting ( I imagine it won't ) contact me .