WSUS Database Cleanup Question

Our WSUS database is running as a WID and I have no idea how long it’s been there. A few months back I migrated the WSUS server to a Server 2019 install and everything’s been … fine. I then realized the database itself is nearly 27 GB and it should be just security updates/patches etc.

So I decided to run databse cleanup scripts via the SQL Mgmt program. I indexed, and did all the recommended steps according to MS’s updated WSUS pages.

The cleanup script has been running for 48 hours and still going. My question is, who does regular WSUS database maintenance and how long did it take the first time you cleaned it up? This is getting ridiculous :slight_smile:

We do here and it too the better part of a week for us. We have over 300 MS Windows systems and this process had not been done since going live in 2015. We performed this work in 2021. Now we do it every quarter and it takes the better part of a Day.

Our SQL server is a shared instance with a lot of other databases as well.

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