WRX80-Sage won't boot Samsung SSD firmware update utility

I made a bootable USB, it works/boots on other computers. It doesn’t want to boot on this workstation for some reason? Some setting in the BIOs, does some legacy feature need to be installed? My method F2->BIOS->Boot->Boot USB… I tried all slots, goes to black screen and nothing …forever. I took out the NIC, it’s 2 GPUs, which haven’t been a problem for anything BIOs related yet, should I take one out? Because of the RAID, this is the best method for updating them.

Ref Samsung SSD firmware update

You just want to update the firmware on the SSDs? With the Samsung tool you just do that from the OS - did mine about a month ago. Gigabyte WRX80.

Yea, it won’t let you do that if they are in an AMD raid from the BIOS. I ended up disabling the raid, adding another drive, booting from it and doing it from a separate OS install on that other drive.

Gotcha - @wendell will have a video on YT very shortly on why you want to avoid BIOS RAID if you can. Watch his channel - it’s been on Patreon for four days now so it’ll make it over to the non-paying viewers soon.

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