WRX80 Motherboard

Would need more information there - which icydock m.2 adapter are you using? And did you configure bifurcation properly in the BIOS, based on whatever setup you’ve installed?

None of the AMD motherboards I’ve tested with support pcie hotplug btw - in fact, the only system I ever actually got it to work in was this one intel system where they were trying to ‘show off the feature’, so I don’t know that I’d count that as a real solid example myself.

Thank you for the replies

Icy dock - MB840M2P-B is the model number

no i have not configured bifurcation - never heard of it

I was wondering how I could get into contact with the same guys Wendell did in relation to his bios bug for this board - because getting ahold of asus at the moment takes about a week - and its causing delays

because i would have thought that i could boot to a pcie m.2 would be a good feature…

i did find this post on toms hardware - but cant link it because the forums wont let me

but go to google and type in “boot pcie nvme ssd” and its the first toms hardware link

but i any additional help would be appreciated

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Yes, mine also takes very long to load BIOS and even boot. I concur that I think the issue is the EFI partition. Just saw your last post hopefully you see this eventually.

I think you need to switch your target PCIE slot to “4x4” mode?

Under [Advanced\Onboard Devices Configuration], scroll down to PCIEX16_* Bandwidth

Select correct slot, then switch [x16 Mode] to [PCIe RAID mode]

==> [x16 Mode] . . . Run x16 mode (i.e. x16 graphics card)
==> [PCIe RAID mode] . . . Run x4+x4+x4+x4 for up to 4 PCIE devices

On page 1-7 in the motherboard manual, see:

[Hyper M.2 X16 series card configuration]
“PCIe bifurcation settings in PCIe x16 slots with AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO Series Processors”

On page 33 in the BIOS manual, see:

[PCIEX16_1-7 Bandwidth]

For details, see this post.

Worth checking target slot number. Are you counting (1 … 7) or (7 … 1) ?

I think the ASUS WRX80 has PCIEX16_1 near the CPU and PCIEX16_7 on the outside of the board, but my old X9DRG-QF was the other way around. Good luck!

Just a thought… what’s the BIOS version on your board? I guess you’ve seen recent messages on this forum about issues with Hyper M.2 cards after loading latest BIOS 0701?

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